Date & Time : 27 NOVEMBER / 1 DECEMBER 2019

Wed : 12pm to 5.30pm

Thu to Sat : 10am-1pm and 2pm-4pm

Sun : 9am-1pm

Location : to be confirmed

Price: 1200 € pp

BOOKING BEFORE 27 OCTOBER by writing to Agustina LUINI

GOAL of the TRAINING: This course combines the seated & standing syllabuses in one intensive program, focusing on strength, stability, balance and joint mobility. The movements heal & rejuvenate, working intensely within the fascia lines of the body. At the same time the limbs are constantly challenged through functional training, complex moves committing the core to supporting the frame. 5 days - 24 hours of training

INSTRUCTOR : Eva Winskill - Fit Studio Le Loft Pilates

After finishing this course you will get 1 month free online access to the DVD.


Limited Availability : max 15 pax . *Professional only

Info & Reservation :

CONDITION: To book your place you must pay 30%, and the full payment must be made one month before the training. Contact us if you need a payment plan. In case of cancellation the training will not be refunded. The certification will be given once the complete. 

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James D’Silva

The creator of The Garuda Pilates MethodThe Garuda Apparatus and founder of The Garuda Studio James D’Silva was born and raised in Goa, India, before moving to England to become a professional dancer. Since then, he has performed, choreographed and taught all over Europe and the USA.

Throughout his career Pilates and body conditioning were an integral part of his training routine. Over the years James has adopted yoga, GYROTONIC®, Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique influences, generating a unique, holistic and enjoyable style of movement and exercise.

In 2000, James opened his own Pilates studio in London and from this base his reputation has become well established amongst his many loyal clients. He has worked with Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, among others, and has also created best-selling fitness DVDs with Trudie Styler.

James is a certified member of the Pilates Method Alliance, a certified GYROTONIC® Instructor, and a member of the Pilates Foundation UK .




Holistic and dynamic - GARUDA is a revolutionary new technique created by James D'Silva. This discipline inspired by Pilates, Dance, Yoga and Tai Chi is a unique philosophy and is practiced on the machine and on the floor. Sessions combining dynamic, fluid, rhythmic and mental work can increase strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance.

GOAL of the TRAINING: The basis of Pilates is used with a different approach. Learn to isolate a muscle and then work the myofascial lines. This approach is beneficial for people who have dysfunction and imbalance. Excellent training for teachers who wish to continue the GARUDA technique. 5 days - 24 hours of training

INSTRUCTOR : Eva Winskill - Fit Studio Le Loft Pilates


The Brick Training is an innovative & functional workout using the Pilates principles & repertoire to instigate bilateral symmetry, stability of the pelvis whist creating lower limb strength and functionality.

Special attention is given to the upper body with a whole new set of exercises designed to fortify and challenge the participant. Balance and three-dimensional movement are integral part of this work.

A novel and Inspiring training that allows the professional to experience, investigate and take away material that will challenge the remedial to advance client.

After finishing this course you will get 1 month free online access to the Brick DVD.

Limited Availability : max 15 pax . *Professional only


Chakra or wheel is the defining word that aligns our newly produced foam rollers with the work outs we have created in opening, lengthening and strengthening our foam.

The word aptly described as the energetic wheel, allows us to challenge ourselves whilst engaging our mental and physical prowess.James has incorporated the Garuda repertoire and cleverly devised the movement material in making it as simple or advanced as the practitioner would require it. Chakra is the wheel of discovery, the energetic wheel that engages your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

After finishing this course you will get 1 month free online access to the Foam Roller DVD.