An innovative concept

health, wellness, art, and fashion all together in one unique venue.


Health & Wellness


To take care of your mind and body, several methods are taught and developed at

Agustina - The Art of Wellness: Pilates, Garuda, Gasquet and Yoga.

We offer a complete set of machines and equipment for you to practice our methods in the best conditions available. Garuda teacher trainings are also available for instructors.

Our fifteen years of teaching and coaching in health and wellness permit us to offer exercises tailored for each student’s individual needs. We guide and assist you in improving strength and flexibility for a healthy mind and body. 

A genuine invitation to explore and develop your body.



Art & Fashion


Our concept store offers a space entirely dedicated to the world of well-being in all its forms to connect the work of the body with your personal environment.

You will find exclusive clothing from the Agustina's brand in 100% organic cotton;

"Chakra Mala" necklaces that come with a lovely creation story by Francesca Lo Cascio : handcrafted with natural stones and designed to maintain the balance of the energetic body.

The concept store welcomes the latest trends in art-deco presented to you in a space where designers can exhibit their work, with exclusive objects by designer William Guillon.




I was born in Argentina, where I practiced a number of fitness activities before arriving in Spain in 2001.

There, I discovered the Pilates discipline and my passion for this practice which I believe creates a profound change for the body as a whole. In 2008, I opened my first pilates studio, “Di Vita”. In 2011, I decided to settle in the wonderful city of Bordeaux and continue the Studio venture. 

The following years, I never stopped training and discovered the Garuda method with James D’Silva in London- a thorough, innovative and holistic continuation of Pilates; as well as the Gasquet method (based on working the perineum and abdominals). In my instruction, I strive to combine these diverse practices- Pilates-Garuda-Gasquet- to cultivate a balanced body, mind and spirit. Instructing and learning about these methods is my driving force. To get to share them with you each day brings me deep gratitude.


To live with fulfillment and happiness, you don't need more time, but more Art




What matters most to me is providing a personalized reception to each participant. In order to have a customized instruction, places are limited per session.

My approach consists of teaching a fusion of methods permitting a simultaneous workout on the abdominals and physical alignment according to the six principles of Pilates, the three-dimensional corporal movement of Garuda and the breathing techniques of Yoga.


Our unique method is a fusion of different practices. 

By combining together the principles of





we created a combined mental and psychological discipline, encouraging core strength, focus, spirituality and dance.  


Sharing this moment of gratitude with you, for me, is already art and meditation.




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